Today is the day we celebrate what we’re all about at True Key™: passwords! We’re in the business of eliminating the hassle of passwords, so we want to take this opportunity to honor the mighty password and celebrate World Password Day. As part of one of the world’s most trusted cyber security companies, McAfee, we know a thing or two about protecting your privacy online and helping to create a safer digital world.

We want users to feel protected, and we know even small details count. We’re always striving to deliver features designed to increase security and simplify your life. On that note, we have a few exciting new features up our sleeve that we’re unveiling just in time for World Password Day.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming:

• New Firefox and Edge browser extensions to provide an even more user-friendly, faster and all-around improved True Key™ experience across your devices.

• A brand-new credit card scanner feature for iOS and Android. Now you can keep credit card info handy by simply scanning them with your camera and storing them right in the True Key app.

• Advanced face and fingerprint verification for Android which adds another factor of authentication to provide more convenience, and improve your digital security.

Whether you use a password manager or not, we want to help you strengthen your digital security and stay safe online. We’re here to show you that passwords don’t always have to be complicated, but that they can be easy and fun, too! To commemorate World Password Day, we’ve developed a game to bolster your knowledge about the ins and outs of password security and show how multi-factor authentication can layer up your login.

We hope that you celebrate alongside us here at McAfee and take this opportunity to upgrade your password protection! Sharing is caring when it comes to spreading the news about password safety, so don’t forget to tell your friends how they can ramp up their online security, too.

We’d love to hear your password security secrets! Tell us all about them on Facebook and Twitter.

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