Passwords are a pain, we get it. Both Microsoft and Intel believe in a future that is secure and password free, which is why we’re excited to share our new integration with the True Key app extension and Windows Hello to deliver a best-in-class multi-factor sign in experience.

Meet True Key + Windows Hello

The True Key app leverages the power of Microsoft Hello’s verification factors by adding an extra layer of security to your True Key profile. But more than that, it provides convenience and flexibility to surf the web with new browser support for Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 users can enable the new True Key extension on newly supported Microsoft Edge to enjoy an easier and safer way to unlock their online accounts stored within their profile.

How to Get Started Today

First, make sure you've configured Windows Hello on your PC.

Then, download the True Key app navigate to security preferences. From there, you can add Windows Hello to your True Key profile as a factor to verify it's you.

If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, you can also check out the True Key extension so you can log in without typing passwords. Visit the Windows app store to get the latest release.

When using the True Key Edge extension + Windows Hello on Microsoft's innovative new browser, enjoy a password-free world on Microsoft's cool new browser as you log in to your favorite sites using features that are unique to you.

Isn't this what multi-factor authentication should be all about? More simple ways to secure your data?

With the True Key app + Windows Hello, we're opening the door to a variety of exciting authentication possibilities. The best part is that you're in the center of it all. Because you decide how you manage your information.

New to the True Key app? No sweat – head over to and download it today.

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