Since the 14th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated across the world as a day to express love and appreciation for those you care about most. In some parts of the world, symbolic keys are even presented to romantic interests as an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart. This Valentine’s, we want to give you, our valued readers, some priceless keys of our own: a few ways to give your passwords some extra attention so they can’t be unlocked.

Here are a few quick tips for showing your passwords some love:

1. Never reuse or make simple, memorable passwords
When creating a new password, make it as long and complicated as you possibly can. Use a combination of symbols, numbers, and both upper and lower case letters. We suggest going a step further and branch out to symbols you may not ever think of using like %#^+~:><. Commonly used symbols such as @$& are an easy guess for hackers. If you’re hesitating, it’s better to err on the side of caution and abide by the “if it’s easy to remember then it’s easy to guess,” rule of thumb.

2. Longer equals stronger
Most websites, even those that deal with extremely sensitive information like banking or insurance sites, often require passwords to be a minimum of 8 characters. However, we say when it comes to passwords, the longer, the better. We suggest using at least 12 – 15 characters, but more than twelve is strongly recommended for creating truly indestructible passcodes.

3. Generate tough passwords with a Password Manager
Why not just leave the hassle of creating complex passwords to us? Let the True Key app generate and automatically fill strong, unique and impenetrable passwords for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about stringing together convoluted patterns or memorizing impossible sequences that are specifically designed not to be remembered. You can even record your generated passcodes and save them in the Safe Notes section of the app for quick access if you ever need a reminder. The best part? You can rest easy knowing your passwords are completely secure and protected by the strongest encryption available, which means no one but you will ever get their hands on them.

4. Layer up on security
Pack on the protection and layer up your Login! With the True Key app, you can create a Master Password to protect all your generated passwords, then add another security factor like your Face, Fingerprint or a Trusted Device to confirm your identity and verify that you’re really you. Using additional factors to sign in not only increases security, but it also gives you peace of mind that you'll never forget a password again.

Take this opportunity to spend some quality time ensuring your passwords are up to par. What better way to spend Valentine’s than giving your under-appreciated jumbled codes some special TLC?

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