During the past year, consumers around the globe have started using True Key™ by Intel Security to get rid of the hassle of passwords. The True Key app - is the first multi-factor password management solution that supports biometrics – and uses factors like your face, fingerprint, and devices you trust to log you in across the web without requiring you to remember your passwords.

One of the things that makes the True Key app so unique is the way it uses multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor means that the True Key app requires at least two unique-to-you factors to verify it’s really you, before letting you sign in to the app. Using multi-factor is safer than only signing in with a password, and it’s easier, because it’s pretty hard to forget your face or fingerprint.

We’re committed to continually release new factors, to provide more ways to sign in to the True Key app that fit your lifestyle.

Which is why today, we're excited to introduce some new innovative factors that take advantage of your unique characteristics that no one else in the market can offer. Here's an overview of what's coming out of the True Key labs:

Scent Unlock

Each individual has a unique chemical balance that makes their smell one-of-a-kind. The True Key app has a new advanced hardware plug-in for scent detection within a 3-foot radius of your computer. Similar to how humans detect smells, by inhaling air that contains odor molecules which then bind to receptors inside the nose and relay messages to the brain, the True Key app has developed a new technology – Smell Right™ – to detect the thousands of odor molecules that make up an individual’s unique scent. Using our Smell Right technology with advanced micro-sensors, we detect your scent to verify it’s really you, adding a simple and seamless way to unlock your True Key profile. Even when you haven’t showered, or try to log in right after an intense workout – the Smell Right sensors can still detect your unique base odor and accurately identify the smell as your very own.

Hair Unlock

Hair follicle identification is another one of our advancements. Hair Unlock takes advantage of our new comb sensing technology that attaches to your mobile device. As you comb your hair, it detects the texture, particles and your unique DNA to securely identify you and your trusted device. It’s a great way to be recognized and keep the perfect coif all at the same time. We do recognize that this factor isn’t for everyone, if you are unable to present a sufficient hair sample, it is probably best to select a different additional security factor.

The True Key team is taking your security to the next level of convenience and effectiveness. The more factors you combine to sign in to your True Key profile, the more secure your profile becomes.

To set up a combination that works for you, visit your profile settings. Try giving your phone a smile using Face Unlock, then pair with a whiff from the Scent Unlock for up to 3 layers of protection (Face and Scent from one of your Trusted Devices).

And while these 'new' factors aren’t actually in development - they are just some April Fools’ fun - it's important to remember that using a simple password alone to protect your online accounts isn't safe. The True Key app is the only multi-factor, biometric-supporting password management solution that truly recognizes you for what makes you unique — and logs you in online.

Say goodbye to the hassle of passwords and enhance your security by using the True Key app’s easy, multi-factor authentication, using things like your face, fingerprint and devices you trust to sign you in online.

Download now – it’s free.

What factors do you think would be fun to unlock the True Key app? Share some of your ideas with us by tweeting with #mydreampassword

Here are some of the ideas the team has been considering:

Saliva Unlock

Saliva is an extremely differentiating substance. Each person has a unique combination of enzymes, electrolytes, bacterial compounds, and mucus. The 'Spit Sensor' uses a complex algorithm to recognize your saliva and genetic make-up. To use this factor to protect your passwords, place the True Key moisture sensor overtop of your device’s fingerprint reader, and from there you can either spit or lick directly to be signed in with secure multi-factor protection. As an added bonus the Spit Sensor can alert you when you have a cold coming on before you even feel under the weather, so that you can start to rest up, take that Vitamin C, and feel better sooner.

Kiss Unlock

Unlock your True Key profile using a trusted device, your DNA and your unique kiss.

Just plug in the patented Lip Unlock sensor and kiss your device for a simple, secure, and very personal authentication experience. The Kiss Unlock includes a soft grip base designed for control, one extra set of contoured lip sensors, a charger base, and a leather travel case. Washing is as easy as dropping it in the dishwasher.

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