True Key by Intel Security is the app that recognizes you for what makes you unique and uses your one-of-a-kind features to log in and remember your passwords, so you don’t have to. You may remember last year we had the chance to collaborate with Rob Cantor and 22 of our favorite internet stars to create a new anthem called Nobody Else Quite Like You celebrating individuality among people from a variety of locations, backgrounds and subject matters to showcase their uniqueness and what makes them #1in7Billion. The response was remarkable, and the video was watched across the web over 1 million times, and we’ve been reveling in every single one of the spectacular talents, creativity, and just plain, weirdness that was shared.

In fact, you’ve blown our minds to the point that we’re taking it a step further and launching the Weird and Wonderful Awards! It’s the chance for you to recognize someone who is really weird, or show some love to someone who is truly wonderful for the chance to split $10,000 in cash and win some other cool prizes!

We’ve already had some fantastic folks who took time out of their busy holiday schedule to recognize someone they think is weird or wonderful.

Do you love someone who is weird or know someone who is wonderful? Nominate them by visiting and telling us what makes them one of a kind to you.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Recognize a friend” button and tell us about your friend
  • Once your friend accepts the recognition, you’re both in it to win it!

Share on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #1in7Billion or #WeirdandWonderful. The winners will be picked according to who has the most engaging posts; the more up-votes and shares, the better chance you’ll have to be featured on our homepage and take home the prize.

Don’t forget to take our quiz to find out whether you are weird or wonderful – then share on Facebook and Twitter!

To see the Official Contest Details, visit here.

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