The True Key app is making some exciting changes to ensure you keep having the most seamless, simple, and secure password saving experience possible.

User feedback remains at the core of our development process and drives the design of our product. Over the past year, you, our wonderful users, have commented, tweeted, complained, and offered valuable suggestions about how you think the True Key app could be improved. We listened, took note of your responses, and are thrilled to announce that we will be switching exclusively to a browser extension model.

What does this mean for you?

A browser extension model means we’re phasing out our desktop app and will be running entirely within your browser. This means there will be more performance and less of everything else. Without a clunky desktop app running in the background, there are fewer windows open, fewer files installed on your computer, and fewer steps to follow when using the app.

What browsers does the True Key extension support?

The True Key extension currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Are there any noticeable changes?

Essentially, the new browser extension is a lightweight alternative to the heavier desktop app. You can expect a significantly higher level of performance, and an overall lighter and faster user experience. There aren’t any changes to the Launchpad or your Logins so navigating the app is the same as before. You're still able to log in to your sites from your Launchpad by tapping on the Login you wish to visit, or be instantly logged in to your saved sites as you surf the web from your browser.

Can I still log in with Face?

Absolutely! No need to fret if you’re a fan of the Face feature. There is an option to download an add-on so you can sign in using your face just like you did with the desktop app.

Can I still import my passwords?

Of course. Like with the Face option, you can download an add-on so you can painlessly import all your passwords to your True Key profile.

How do I get the True Key extension?

If you’re a current True Key user, all you have to do is update your True Key app to get the most recent version, then sit back and enjoy your new and improved True Key experience. Go to to load the latest update.

If you’re new to the True Key app, start by going to and downloading the app. Follow the prompts to add the extension to your browser and hang tight until the installation is complete. Once the app is installed and on your browser, simply fill in your details to create a profile and start adding sites to your Launchpad.

Tell us what you think about the new True Key extension on Facebook and Twitter! Want more information about downloading the extension? Visit our FAQ. Need help? Reach out to us on our Feedback page.

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