{ "posts": [ { "title": "Introducing Windows Hello + Microsoft Edge for your True Key profile ", "excerpt": "Enjoy best-in-class MFA with Intel’s True Key app + Windows Hello + Microsoft Edge", "link": "https://newsroom.intel.com/news-releases/true-key-by-intel-security-is-first-multi-factor-authentication-password-manager-to-enhance-its-security-with-windows-hello/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-12-07", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/Surface-hello-blog-header_2-2.jpg" }, { "title": "U.S. government says SMS codes aren’t safe – so now what?", "excerpt": "So what’s wrong with SMS codes? Are they really unsafe? And if they are, what can we use instead?\n\n", "link": "https://blog.truekey.com/u-s-government-says-sms-codes-arent-safe-so-now-what-2/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-08-19", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/smsCodesUnsafe-1.jpg" }, { "title": "Tell the world how you're #1in7Billion to be in our next video!", "excerpt": "Download the mp3 or watch the full video by clicking here. ", "link": "https://www.1in7billion.com/TrueKey/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-08-03", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/TK_Still_Slide-1-1.jpg" }, { "title": "The Impossible Password Prank", "excerpt": "What’s the first word that comes to mind when we say -password? If you said \"prank” or “funniest-internet-video-of-all-time” then we must have an incredible mental connection!", "link": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsXYwShRQwU", "author": { "name": "Andrew Velan" }, "date": "2016-08-02", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/impossiblePasswordPrank-1.jpg" }, { "title": "The Best Privacy & Security App", "excerpt": "Hey there!! Last night in NYC, the True Key team had the honour of accepting an Appy Award for Best Privacy/Online Security App!", "link": "https://blog.truekey.com/appyaward_winner/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-05-18", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/appyAwards-1.jpg" } ] }