{ "posts": [ { "title": "Introducing Windows Hello + Microsoft Edge for your True Key profile ", "excerpt": "Enjoy enhanced MFA with Intel’s True Key app, Windows Hello & Microsoft Edge", "link": "/windows-hello-true-key-app/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-12-07", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/Surface-hello-blog-header_2-1.jpg" }, { "title": "Forgot your Master Password? We can help with that. :)", "excerpt": "One of the things that makes the True Key app so great is that users can choose how they sign in to get access to all their passwords and personal data. ", "link": "/forgot-your-master-password-we-can-help-with-that/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2016-03-07", "image": "/content/images/2017/02/forgotMasterPass--1-.jpg" }, { "title": "5 easy ways to log in with the True Key Android app", "excerpt": "Just as there's more than one way to eat a Reese's, there are several ways you can log into apps and websites using the Android for safe browsing on the go\n", "link": "/5_ways_to_login/", "author": { "name": "Maeghan Smulders" }, "date": "2015-09-22", "image": "/content/images/2015/09/Screen-Shot-2015-09-29-at-12-25-32-PM.png" } ] }