One of the things we love about working hand-in-hand with you, our users, is the ability to learn when things are working, and when things are not.

This was especially helpful when it came to the design of our Launchpad. We jam-packed a lot of great features together to help customize your security, but learned how we could do better and make this a simplified experience.

Which is why we hope you enjoy our BRAND NEW design of the True Key Launchpad.

What’s new and noteworthy?

You’ll notice the design gives you easy access to all the True Key app features you love (or maybe missed) like password generation. (look beside the “Add new login” button)

Your True Key Profile

We took a step back to evaluate what we should include, and made this the one-stop-shop for your overall account details. Your subscription and the email address associated with your profile are located on the left-hand side, and in the main section to the right we list all the factors available on the device you are using. You can manage your Trusted Devices more easily (for example, remove your phone as a trusted device if it is lost) or add additional factors to your profile for increased security.

Your Profile Preferences

To change your sign in preferences you can now check out the Profile Preference page and customize your security by setting when you want to be automatically signed out of the app and which factors you want to use to verify it’s you when you sign in. (There are two security levels: Basic uses one factor to log in, Advanced combines multiple factors for greater security - Learn more here).

You can tailor your security to what works best for you with five fewer steps than in the previous version!

Safe Notes

Now you can access your Safe Notes from any of your devices three clicks faster than before! Safe Notes allows you to encrypt and store all your lock combinations, product or software codes, secret shopping lists, serial numbers, reminders and even your Grandma Anne’s amazing meatloaf recipe. :)

Digital Wallet

Wallet is the secure way to store all the personal information that you need from time to time, but don’t always have on hand. There’s space in your Wallet to store documents like passports, ID cards, Social Security numbers, membership and loyalty cards, credit and debit cards and even an address book for all of the addresses where you might want to ship things when you make an online purchase. Basically, all of those loose documents that you’re keeping in a shoebox, on a closet shelf, or hidden away in a desk drawer. Your real-world wallet can’t hold all of that, but your digital Wallet can! Plus, it’s all protected in your True Key profile, so you’re the only one who can access it.

That's it!

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate working with you to build a bigger and better True Key app. Keep the feedback coming!

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