Are you enjoying your True Key app on Android and iOS? Doesn’t it feel great to have your passwords with you on the go?

We want you to fully enjoy your mobile experience, so we'd like to share some of the benefits of having the True Key app on your mobile device.

Keep reading for some of your most frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What is multi-factor authentication and how does it work on mobile?

  • What if I lose my device? Is my information safe?

  • How can I add a layer a security to my profile with the mobile True Key app?


So, what exactly is multi-factor authentication?

It basically means that you use more than one factor to verify it's you. It's a safe way to prevent someone else from signing in to your profile without you knowing it. We’re proud that the True Key app is a leader in multi-factor authentication, especially on mobile. Starting with your Trusted Device, you can choose from a variety of additional factors to verify it's you: Master Password, 2nd Device, Face, or Fingerprint.

We like to call it multi-factor simplified.

Yes, but what if I lose my mobile device?

I bet you’re thinking: “well, I’m kind of stuck”. Losing a trusted phone or tablet is no fun for sure, but don’t worry, the information stored to your True Key profile will remain secure.

The great thing about Trusted Devices is that they can be removed at any time, from anywhere. Simply sign in to the True Key app on your desktop computer, or from another Android Trusted Device, and remove the device you've lost from your Trusted Devices list.

Your mobile device is unique to you

Did you know that your mobile device can even help protect your other devices, like your PC? Having the True Key app installed on your mobile device doesn't only allow you to carry your passwords with you, it also means you've got an extra layer of security on your profile.

This is commonly known as 2FA - sending a text message to your phone. However, the True Key app is different as it has built in 2nd device recognition. By the way, have you heard? - The U.S. Government recently claimed that SMS codes aren't safe.

No, seriously, check it out here.

2nd device recognition simply means that one dimensional authentication, or a simple password in plain English, isn't enough to protect your data.

Ok, fine. So now what?

Thankfully, the True Key app has you covered. Not only was our 2nd device feature cleverly designed to enforce security, the True Key app always requires you to use two factors to sign in. The best part is that you choose which factor combinations to use.

When you install the True Key app on your mobile device, you can use it as an additional factor to verify it's you. For instance, you could use Face and your mobile device (2nd Device) to sign in. With 2nd Device added as a factor, simply swipe your phone or tablet as an authentication method.

Who knew your cellphone could secure your information so well, right?

So there you go. Whether you be on your desktop computer, phone, or tablet, the True Key app has you covered. And we're just getting started.

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