The True Key app is designed to save you time, simplify your life and keep your private information safe. Since the True Key app’s innovative features distinguish it from other password managers, we want to make sure you're informed about new developments and existing functionalities, as well as all the different ways you can use the app.

Speaking of handy features, one of our favorites is being able to instantly log into our sites whenever we need to, even on mobile devices. There aren’t many things that are more annoying than typing passwords over and over just to encounter the “invalid password” message time and time again. We know the drill; you enter your password, an error message appears, you check that caps lock is off, re-enter your password - this time, typing each letter individually to make sure to hit all the correct letters - just to go back to square one.

With the True Key app, you can add a new Login, edit an existing Login and instantly sign into your sites all within the browsers on iOS and Android devices. We created this post to give you a basic rundown and cover the questions we often see about Instant Log In feature on mobile.

Which mobile devices support Instant Log In?

Which apps are supported?

How does Instant Log In on mobile work?

Does Instant Log In on mobile provide the same level of security as the desktop app?

Which mobile devices support Instant Log In?

Instant Log In is supported on both Android (4.1 to 7+) and iOS (9 and 10) devices.

On iOS, you can instantly log into your sites through the True Key app or use the Safari extension. A Chrome extension will be added soon!

Instant access is also available on Android via the True Key app, Chrome, Opera, the default Samsung browser, Ghostery, Dolphin, Web Explorer, and apps.

Which apps are supported?

Most apps support Instant Log In on Android devices. You’ll be hard pressed to find an app that won’t allow you to instantly log in within the True Key browser extension. For iOS devices, however, only the two-hundred most popular apps are supported as of now.

How does Instant Log In on mobile work?


Start by signing into your True Key profile and go to Settings. Once you’re in Settings, select Instant Log In from the options and switch to On.

Open any of the supported browsers and go to the site you want to visit. Tap on the username field, then again on the blue True Key icon at the top. Finally, select the account you’d like to use.

Alternatively, you can instantly log in straight from the True Key app without even needing to set up the Instant Log In feature. All you have to do is open your True Key Launchpad and click on the Login you’d like to access. Choose how you would like to instantly log into your site by selecting either the blue True Key icon or one of the supported browser or app icons. Just like the above option, finish by tapping on the username field, again on the blue True Key icon at the top, and select the account you’d like to use.


Launch Safari. Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen, then again on the True Key icon (and sign into your True Key profile, if necessary). Choose the account you’d like to use and simply sit back as you’re logged into your site.

Does Instant Log In on mobile provide the same level of security as on the desktop app?

Absolutely! Our top priority is your security and the safety of your personal information at all times. Instantly logging in to your sites on your mobile devices doesn’t compromise anything concerning security, it’s simply a more convenient way to sign in and start browsing the web faster. Your Logins and passwords remain encrypted with the strongest encryption available and are protected by layers of multi-factor (Face or Fingerprint) that you set to verify yourself when signing into your profile. If you’d like to read more about how we encrypt your data, you can read our white paper here.

Now you know how to instantly log in and access your sites faster on your mobile device. We hope this post helps speed things up so you can get back to surfing the web even more quickly than before. Give it a try and let us know what you think about Instant Log In for Android and iOS on Facebook or Twitter!

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