It is time to get those pesky passwords out of your browser and securely into your True Key profile!

In our latest release – you can now import your old passwords in 5 simple steps from your Chrome and Internet Explorer Browsers (more browsers are coming, stay tuned!)

Let’s show you how to get started:

1) Go to your True Key Profile

Go to the Menu (in the top left corner) and click “My True Key Profile”

Click “Import” on the left hand side.

2) Check for passwords

We ask if you would like to import your passwords. Click away!

You can click “no thanks” or “not now” to import passwords at a later time.

3) Select your browsers

You can select one or both browsers to check and import from.

4) Import all or a select few

You can select which passwords you would like to import by clicking the check box on the left side.

Click the blue Import button, count to 3 and you’re done! (if you have a TON of passwords... maybe count to 30.. or so)

5) Success! You’re done!

Now when you go back to your True Key Launchpad, you will see all your passwords, or logins, from Chrome and Internet Explorer safely stored and available for instant login. Your new logins will sync to all your devices So, be sure you download the iOS and Android Mobile apps too.

So there you have it - some great new additions to your True Key profile. We think its going to make your life a whole lot safer, easier and well… awesome. ☺

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