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We’ve been reading and listening to your feedback and noticed that you have a lot of questions.

As you know, the True Key app allows you to sign in to your favorite websites and apps using features that are unique to you, such as your face or fingerprint. But where does all this personal information go? Is it safe for me to use fingerprint this way? Who sees my face? These are the types of topics we’ll cover in this blog post.


What does Intel Security do with my Facial and Fingerprint information?

The simple answer is: nothing. Would you believe that even we don’t have access to that stuff?

Yup, true story.

Here’s why:
When you sign out of the True Key app, your profile information is encrypted locally on your device. This includes your Master Password, facial and fingerprint data. All of this information is then encrypted and saved on our high security servers.

You can learn more about the security of our servers here.

See the True Key app as a vault with many locks. The only difference here, is that you decide how many locks you want to add to the vault. You unlock the vault using tools that are unique to you such as your Master Password, face, or fingerprint.

We just keep this encrypted vault in a bunker underneath a mountain somewhere, so you don’t lose it.

How can I be sure that Intel Security doesn’t share or sell my information?

The answer would be that we don’t have access to your information, only you do. But if we were to go in detail, only you have the key to unlock the Vault. Also, we’re not in the business of selling or sharing your information. Intel Security is in the business of securing your information – period.

You can read more about what we do with your data here.

If you don’t have access to my information, what happens if I forget my Master Password?

That’s why it’s important to add more than one factor to your profile. There’s a feature in the app that allows you to reset your Master Password. Since even we don’t have access to your information, it’s important for you to properly secure your profile with factors that are unique to you such as your face or fingerprint.

Forgetting your password happens. We’re only human after all. But the True Key app will always recognize what makes you unique.
Read more about Master Password reset and the factors you can add to your profile.

What if I’m not comfortable with giving you my facial features?

No worries, it’s your choice. The great thing about the True Key app is that you decide how you sign in to your profile. You may choose to use only your Master Password or a 2nd Device to sign in. Face or Fingerprint are simply additional security factors in case you forget your Master Password. They are unique to you. And the more factors you add, the more secure your profile becomes.
It’s your information after all. That’s why you’re in control of how you manage it – but that’s just common sense, right?

There. We certainly hope to have answered your questions. Thanks for all the feedback, and please, keep it coming. We love hearing back from you.

Share your thoughts on Twitter. And if you still haven’t installed the True Key app, why not give it a try? You can download it for FREE here. Cheers!

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