With the newly designed Launchpad and simplified menu, we've made it easier than ever for you to personalize your profile.

We use Multi-Factor Authentication to give you more security, while making it easier than ever to log in to your favorite websites and apps.

Here is what you need to know when customizing your True Key Profile preferences.

Go to the little gear icon in the top right corner. There you will need to complete three steps to customize your sign in security.

(Want to set up more factors? Click the person icon beside your name to see what factors you can use to verify it’s you.)

1) Auto Sign Out Feature

This is a handy feature that automatically secures your True Key profile after a period of time. Just like when you walk away from your computer you want to make sure your computer is locked so no one else can get access to your information. The same is true for your True Key profile. You can select a time limit for when you want to sign out automatically - you know, in case you've got other things on your mind and forget ;)

2) Security Level

How do you want the True Key app to verify it’s you? This is where you can decide how many of your factors are required to sign you in (using more factors increases your security). You can choose between two levels:


Which uses one factor in addition to your Trusted Device (What does Trusted Device mean? Check out below*). You can set your Face as the additional factor, Fingerprint (Note: this is on computers or mobile devices that have a fingerprint reader), or a Master Password.


Uses two additional factors with your Trusted Device. Tap on the “Select” button to select which factors you’d like to use. Choose Face, Fingerprint, Master Password or a 2nd Device. We’re always working on new unique factors to make signing in easier, and more secure, so stay tuned — there is some cool stuff to come!

3) Activate Button

As a last step, be sure to click “Activate” to finalize your preferences.

And there you have it — simplified security you are in control of.

What else should you know about your profile?


Learn how to get around the new Launchpad here.

Are you blue and seeing dots? We updated Face to a blue feed and added dots to show the mathematical calculation of your face. Now it’s even more futuristic than it’s predecessor.

Enhanced Face is an option that requires you to turn your head side-to-side. On My Factors - you can click the icon beside "Face" to activate.

Need to update your face? Did something happen while you were setting up Face as a factor? Believe or not, we’ve heard stories from sneezing to a bird hitting someone's head during the set up, making it difficult to sign in with Face. (We’re not joking — that happened!) Go into the "Enhanced Face" option and you will see at the bottom a new function to Reset Face which will let you re-enroll your face.

**What is a Trusted Device? It’s a device you authorize to have access to your True Key profile.

Here's how it works: When you sign in to your profile for the first time on a new device, we require that you use two factors to verify it’s you. From there, you can make that phone, computer or tablet a Trusted Device, and the True Key app will use it to verify it’s you each time you log in. In the event that someone else tries to access your profile from an non-trusted or unknown device, they will need to have access to two of your factors, which provides an extra layer of protection for you and your profile.

(SUPER USER TIP: if you ever lose or get rid of your phone, tablet or computer that is a trusted device, you can remove them in your factor settings by clicking “manage” and the garbage bin beside the device.)

We’re going to continue building other unique factors to verify it’s you when signing in, so stay tuned for even more ways to personalize your security.

Have a feature or factor you would like to use to sign in? Let us know!

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