So, you’ve created a True Key profile, and we’ve asked you to add a Master Password. Welcome! Maybe you’re wondering what a Master Password is or what it does, or perhaps you’ve forgotten your Master Password and you need to reset it, either on your PC or your mobile device. Now what? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got you covered.

First things first. What is a Master Password? A Master Password is the only password you’ll ever need to remember now that you’re using the True Key app. The entire premise of a password manager is to eliminate the hassle of passwords and let the app store, safeguard and type your passwords for you.

That’s where your Master Password comes in. Although you can choose not to enable additional biometric factors, the True Key app allows you to verify yourself using things that you have (your devices), unique things about you (your face or fingerprint), and things that only you know (your Master Password). When you log into a new device for the first time, we use the Master Password as the primary authentication factor before letting you customize your login preference on that device. Once you do log in, don’t forget to add another factor just in case you ever forget your Master Password (we know, it happens) so you can verify other things about yourself to reset it. We can't recover your Master Password for you nor can we ever see it or store it – it is yours and yours alone.

In the case that you do forget your Master Password, your additional factors will let you reset it. Without an extra factor, you won’t be able to access your profile, and you’ll have to contact our Support team to go through the steps of recreating your profile which means you’ll lose all your saved data, as there is nothing we can do to access or keep it. Needless to say, we highly (and we mean highly) encourage you to add that fingerprint or face of yours just in case!

Let’s start by adding another security factor because it is so easy and important. You just need to go to your True Key profile and select which factors you want to add from the list. You can even choose between two security levels (Basic and Enhanced) for the Face feature; the basic level lets you sign in quickly, and the Enhanced version offers increased security.

Now let’s get back to the basics. If you’re looking to create a Master Password, make it complicated and jumbled with symbols, numbers, upper-case, and lower-case letters. Always remember the golden rule of creating strong passwords: Never make it easy to remember, because a password that’s easy to remember is also likely to be easily guessed. A good password strategy is to think up a mix of random, memorable phrases and incorporate a blend of symbols and numbers. For example, “iL0vePUPPIES&allofthethingsfloral!” is a good bet. Once you made your passphrase, don’t forget to take note of it and stow it somewhere ultra safe – preferably tucked away deep inside your brain.

What if you’re human and have forgotten an existing Master Password?! Oh no! We certainly feel your password pain and want to help you get up and running again as soon as possible. If you’re a Desktop app user, here are some quick steps to guide you through the reset process:

1) On the True Key sign in page, tap “Forgot your Master Password?”

2) A notification will appear and ask you to verify it’s really you with other security factors.

3) From there, the app uses at least two other factors to confirm your identity.

4) Once you’ve been verified, you just need to think of a new complex password, and you’re all set!

If you’ve forgotten your Master Password on your mobile device (iOS and Android), there’s no need to panic. With our new mobile reset option, you can quickly unlock your profile by following a few simple steps. Here’s all you have to do:

1) Click “Forgot your Master Password?” on the True Key log in screen.

2) Enter the email address that is associated with your True Key profile.

3) Use your second authentication factor (Face or Fingerprint) to verify your identity.

4) You can choose to verify yourself with a 2nd device or by receiving a confirmation email.

5) Simply swipe to validate your identity on the second device or in the verification email.

6) Create a new Master Password on the same device that you started the reset process.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you should be back to using your True Key profile in no time! Let us know what you think about our new mobile reset feature and how it works for you.

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