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Just as there's more than one way to eat a Reese's, there are several ways you can log into apps and websites using the Android True Key app for safe browsing on the go.

Wondering how you should log in on your Android device? Let's break down the options so you'll know which one to use and when.

Ready? Let's go! When you tap on a password or login stored in your True Key profile, you'll see a pop-up menu with several options:

Log in with the True Key Browser

That's right, you can browse the web inside the True Key app! (see below). The True Key app will fill your username and password for you, so you can continue to browse without interruption. It's smooth sailing ahead captian!

Log in with Chrome

Launch the Chrome app or tap on the Chrome icon within your True Key profile. When you reach a website that requires you to log in, the True Key app will detect if you have a login (also known as a username and password) saved. The login will conveniently appear at the top of your page so you can simply copy and paste it in. (Hint: Need help pasting? Do a long tap on the password field you are trying to file, then tap the “paste” option when it appears.)

Mobile App Log in

Has your phone ever logged you out of your Facebook, PayPal or Netflix app? Annoying, right? (Especially when you can’t remember the username or password.) With the True Key app, you’ll never sweat it again – just tap the icon for the app and the True Key app will appear on the mobile app. All you have to do is tap, and it will fill in your information for you. (Hint: If you launch the offending app with the True Key app unlocked in the background, it will automatically log you in.)

P.S. If you have multiple accounts for an app... ...then the True Key login bar will display all the accounts you have stored in your True Key profile. Just tap which one you want to log in with, and you’re good to go.

(Super user tip: Instant Log In to apps is GREAT when you have long strong complicated passwords – you no longer need to type them in on your phone!)

Edit/View Password

Need to access a memo, or can’t remember the username associated with a password? Tap Edit/View True Key to view the ‘Details’ page, where you can view and modify all the information associated with that password. If you make any changes to the info, be sure to click ‘Done’ in the top right corner of the screen to confirm. You can tap on the icon beside your email address or on the website field, it will launch the in app browser and log you in, in a jiffy!

BONUS TIP: Are you an iOS Lover?! Well great news: You can now log in using Safari Extensions!

Gotta love iOS 8 – it makes browsing on safari seamless. When you land on a log in page tap the little box with arrow facing up to launch your True Key Safari Extension (Remember, this is only on iOS 8+). You can tap on the True Key icon (you may need to scroll to the right, it may be hidden!) and it will launch the app to help fill in your passwords. So great – right?!

So there you have it – 5 easy ways to log in without having to type a password.

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